This includes all of the following:

  • A Level / GCSE lessons
  • Group and individual tutorial meetings
  • Study skills periods
  • Exams – internal and external sessions

If you are unable to attend College for any reason it is the responsibility of you and your parent/guardian to provide information and evidence about any absences. If absence falls below 90% without a clear medical reason and/or these procedures are not being followed, you may be asked to pay for your own examination entries and may not be offered a place in Year 13. Where absence is unavoidable, it is essential that you follow the procedures outlined below:


If you are ill you must contact the College by phone or email as early as possible on each day that you are sick. There is a 24-hour absence line where a message can be left (option 1 on the main telephone menu). If the information is received from a parent/guardian on your behalf, the absence will automatically be authorised. Calls/emails received from students will need to be followed up on the day of return to College with a parental letter or completed Self Certification Form signed by a parent (available to download here). Failure to complete this form will prevent the absence from being authorised.

If your absence is prolonged or repeated it is essential that you discuss this with your Head of Year.

Planned Authorised Absence

At least 2 days before this absence you must complete a Notification of Planned Absence Form and make sure it is approved and sign by your Form Tutor. Documentary evidence must be produced before authorisation can be given. If you do not do this, the absence becomes unauthorised. You can apply for the following authorised absences:

  • Higher Education interview
  • University/College open days
  • Job interview (excluding part-time jobs)
  • Court appearance/Jury service
  • Funeral
  • Driving test
  • Sixth Form trips
  • Hospital appointments
  • Medical appointments that cannot be arranged outside college hours

A copy of the Notification of Planned Absence Form can be downloaded here or collected from outside Reception.

Holidays – Unauthorised Absence

Any holidays taken during term time are unathorised. Holidays cannot be taken during exam time.