Applying for DESA

After October Half Term (date tbc) – OPEN EVENING – Open Evening – DESA will be at the College Open Evening on 20th October 2021

October – December – APPLICATIONS – Students who wish to apply for a place at DESA need to fill in an application form using the ‘helpyouchoose’ application service, or email The deadline for applications is the end of the autumn term.

February – INTERVIEWS – Your application be followed up by an invitation to interview. These interviews sometimes will take place at Dereham Sixth Form College. The interview will last ten or fifteen minutes and will focus on ensuring you are suited to BTEC and/orA Level study and on helping you select the most appropriate Programme of Study.

April (Easter Holiday) – TRIAL AND OFFERS – You will be invited for a two day trial so that our staff can assess your playing ability and fitness levels in order to see if you can meet the demands of the course. Successful applicants will immediately be sent a conditional offer.

May – INFORMATION – If you accept your conditional offer you will be sent a full pack of information to ensure a successful start to your DESA studies.

July – TASTER DAY – You will be invited to attend our pre-season which allows you an opportunity to once again familiarise yourself with DESA, experience the training and to meet the staff and fellow students with whom you will be spending the next two years.

August – ENROLMENT DAY – We will enrol all students at the college on the day you receive your results.

September – STUDIES BEGIN!