Art, Craft & Design

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This course offers a wide and diverse range of media options for students and the opportunity to specialise in two or more of the endorsements listed below:

• Fine Art • Textile Design • Photography • Graphic Design • Three Dimensional Design

Mrs Mottley,
Head of Art and Design Faculty: [email protected]

“I am pleased I chose Art, Craft and Design because it has helped me further my creativity and passion for art. In Year 12 I have enjoyed experimenting with different styles and techniques of art that I have not used before and this has helped me discover which aspects of the arts I would like to study at university. (Izzi)

The Course
The main purpose of any course in art, craft and design is to develop your ability to appreciate the visual world and to respond in a personal and creative way.

The skills you will develop will be varied. Among them, you will develop a working knowledge of materials, practices and technology within art. You will develop your imaginative and creative powers and your experimental, analytical and documenting skills. You will also develop a specialist vocabulary and the knowledge and understanding of the place of art, craft and design in history and contemporary society.

The skills you acquire will be determined to some extent by the area of study you choose. However, whether you see yourself as a painter, a graphic designer or even a jewellery designer, the same basic rules and skills apply.

This course is suitable for students who wish to undertake further studies in the arts and for those who are looking to take up careers for which an art background is relevant. These might include advertising, interior design, architecture, textile or fashion design, theatre or art gallery work.

We follow the Eduqas (part of WJEC) specification.


Year 1

Component One – workshop activities followed by a themed project based mainly on taught elements and developing ideas.


Year 2

Component One (continued) – personal investigation. A practical unit or work with a written investigation between 1,000 and 3,000 words.
Component Two – controlled assessment – preparation and final piece. A 15 hour supervised period in which you are expected to fully realise your ideas.

Both components are centre assessed and moderated by Eduqas. You will be expected to demonstrate a response to all of the assessment objectives.

Entry Requirements
Minimum 64444 including 6 in GCSE Art. You should also have a genuine interest in art, craft and design and an enthusiasm for being creative, designing and making quality outcomes.