We are very proud of all the work that our Year 13 students have produced and showcased in their end of year Art Exhibition. With work from A Levels in Fine Art, Photography, Resistant Materials, Graphics and Art, Craft & Design, we are sure you will agree that the quality is outstanding. Scroll down to meet some of the students and learn about their work in more detail.

ClaraBelle Whitehead – Art, Craft and Design – Habitats

The theme of my work is the portrayal of a dancer’s body, highlighting that every body type is worthy of dance. The issue of a stereotypical body shape of a dancer should not limit their expressive creativity. This topic is important to me as I will be going to university to study my passion – musical theatre.

Abbie Robinson – Art, Craft and Design – Interiors

During the Art Craft and Design course I found my passion of textiles. Using textiles as a medium I have explored the theme of interiors. Using the context of the human body and inside spaces, I explored a vast range of techniques.  My favourite being constructed textiles which is demonstrated within my final pieces. I intend to pursue a career in textiles and will be studying textile design next year at Nottingham Trent University.

Megan Norgate – Art, Craft and Design – Distortions

To investigate how reality has been distorted by society, I’ve delved into parts of the real world, including: nature, space and the media’s ideals of beauty. My final project was based around photography and working digitaly to reimagine the image. I think this portrays the idea the art can, and should be, personal interpretation. How does this piece reflect a distortion of your own reality?

Loretta Sommese – Art, Craft and Design – Females in History

The topic for my personal investigation was females in history. I wanted to explore ideas surrounding the portrayal of women who evoke empowerment. I did this through focusing on myself, my friends and my Grandma in order to produce portraits using elements of both historical and contemporary art practices.

Zoe Bell – Graphics – Gressenhall Museum

In my personal investigation my overall theme is Gressenhall Museum. I chose this with the intention of creating four different outcomes inspired by the Museum, rebranding the logo to fit with the current style of art. My overall purpose of my personal investigation was to create pieces which would attract people of all ages to visit the Museum.

Isabella Dawson – Fine Art – Change

For my personal investigation I focused on how technological change and modernisation has had negative effects on everyday life over the last century. I explored how artists have depicted the built environment that has dominated our natural surroundings. I plan to bring a positive change for the future within the built environment through my studies of architecture at Norwich University of the Arts.

Abbie Robinson – Fine Art – Environments

I have exhibited a combination of work based on environments, epxloring the connections between people and natural/manmade structures. I used charcoal for my large scale pieces, as that is a media I love to work with.

Georgina Denney – Photography – Sexuality and Identity

My overall theme for my personal investigation is sexuality and identity. I chose this because of my own struggle as part of the LGBTQ+ community and my own exploration of my identity. I wanted my photography to convey a confidence that comes from knowing yourself and not being ashamed of who you are. I will be continuing my studies at York St. John University on their British Sign Language, Deaf Studies and Linguistics course.

Zoe Bell – Photography – Human Causes

The intention of my personal investigation is to highlight the issue of pollution caused by human action. Using a combination of techniques allows my work to take an abstract form, encouraging the audience to question their own part in the pollution on earth.