“Choosing just 3 or 4 A Levels to study from the broad selection offered by DSFC is difficult, but selecting Biology will be a decision which you will not regret. Biology is an extremely interesting and stimulating subject which is guaranteed to continue to engage and interest you, no matter what unit you are studying. Not only does it deepen your understanding about yourself and the environment you live in, but it also equips you with skills which will be of great value in your future. At DSFC, A Level Biology is consistently taught in a thorough and exciting way. Teachers always ensure the necessary support is given to ensure each student understands and excels in the subject.”


Well what do you know

The Well, what do you know worksheet contains a questionnaire about your GCSE biology knowledge and a reading exercise with questions. Reading to get information is one of the essential skills for effective learning. The questions and exercises are designed to help you analyse the aunderstand what you have just read.

Cell Ultrastructure

The Cell ultrastructure worksheet is designed to help you revise the ultrastructre of cells. The first part of the exercise involves naming diagrams and finding descriptions of the structures and functions of some components of cells. These are then assembled into a chart. The second part of the exercise involves answering revision questions, using the chart to help you.

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