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Biology is the scientific study of life; discovering how organisms function and how they interact with other living things. It helps you understand how science contributes to society and the economy.

It is a practical subject which allows you to develop key skills which help to understand how science works.

Mr Ashfield
Head of Biology
[email protected]

“Choosing just 3 or 4 A Levels to study from the broad selection offered by Dereham Sixth Form College is difficult, but selecting Biology will be a decision which you will not regret. Biology is an extremely interesting and stimulating subject which is guaranteed to continue to engage and interest you, no matter what unit you are studying. Not only does it deepen your understanding about yourself and the environment you live in, but it also equips you with skills which will be of great value in your future. At DSFC, A Level Biology is consistently taught in a thorough and exciting way. Teachers always ensure the necessary support is given to ensure each student understands and excels in the subject.” (Bethany)

The Course
Biology is a good subject to study alongside another science or mixed with humanities subjects. It develops crucial skills such as analysis, evaluation and application. This makes it an excellent subject when applying to university and people with an A Level in Biology have gone on to study a wide range of subjects – medicine, sports and the environment, to name just a few.

Biology is a very popular subject at the College. Over the last few years there have been up to 80 students taking the course, due no doubt to the quality of teaching, support of students and the consistently good results our students achieve.

We follow the AQA specification; a course that we believe provides a first-rate introduction to biology.


Year 1

In the first year you will study some key areas of biology to give you a firm grounding for further study. These units are composed of the following

  • Biological molecules
  • Cells
  • How organisms exchange substances with their environment
  • Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms

Year 2

In the second year you will continue to examine the subject in greater depth and fully appreciate the beauty and complexity of biological systems. These units include the following:

  • Energy transfers in and between organisms
  • How organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments
  • Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems
  • The control of gene expression

Throughout both years there will again be a list of practical activities which you must carry out. Exams will include questions based on these practicals.

Destinations of some of our A Level Biology students
  • Medicine at Oxford University
  • Biology at Oxford University
  • Veterinary Science at the University of Cambridge
  • Medicine at the University of Cambridge
What do our students think of A Level Biology?

“Challenging but never boring.”

Popular careers

Medicine (also requires A Level Chemistry); Ecology; Agriculture; Biomedicine; Physiotherapy; Geography; Psychology; Biochemistry; Veterinary Science; Dentistry.

Three exams containing a mix of short and long answer questions plus an essay-style question on Paper 3.

Entry Requirements
Minimum 66555 including 6 in Biology (or Combined Science) and 5 in Mathematics.