Marketing Performance

Marketing performance

Elmhassani, Y. (2021) ‘Case study: Chaiiwala’, Business Review, 27 (4), pp.18-19.
Yasmine Elmhassani looks at a franchise success story. This article has exam links to: forms of business; franchising; marketing mix; branding; analysing the external environment to assess opportunities and threats; niche markets; corporate objectives; theories of corporate strategy; and global marketing strategy and global localisation.

King, G. (2021) ‘Case study: Riverford organic farms’, Business Review, 27 (4), pp.26-27.
Riverford provides an example of a business that is both ethical and commercially effective. This article has exam links to: business ethics; marketing mix; understanding markets and customers; forms of business; and segmentation, targeting and positioning.

Waterhouse, P. (2021) ‘Case study: Center Parcs’, Business Review, 27 (3), pp.14-15.
Phil Waterhouse looks at the business behind the successful holiday park chain.

Lafaury, J.C. (2020) ‘Branding: the importance of emotional connections’, Business Review, 27 (2), pp.2-5.
Jean-Charles Lafaury looks at the value of branding for consumers and businesses.

Marcouse, I. (2020) ‘Troublesome terms: marketing: customer loyalty to viral marketing’, Business Review, 27 (1), pp.32-33.
Ian Marcouse explains the marketing terms that cause the most trouble in exams.

West, R. (2020) ‘Branding and promotion’, Business Review, 27 (1), pp.28-31.
Promotion is a key element of the marketing mix. It aims to inform customers about the product and persuade them to buy it. Branding can support promotion in generating, sustaining and increasing sales.

Waterhouse, P. (2019) ‘Revision focus: decision making to improve marketing performance’, Business Review, 26 (2), pp.18-20.
Explains what you need to do when answering exam questions related to section 3 of the AQA business specification.

Waterhouse, P. (2019) ‘Influencers and the marketing mix’, Business Review, 26 (1), pp.14-15.
This article looks at how social media influencers are shaking up marketing.

Hoang, P. (2017) ‘Marketing: the ethics of marketing’, Business Review, 24 (1), pp.12-15.
Explains why it is important for marketing campaigns to be ethical.

Coupland-Smith, H. (2015) AQA AS/A Level Year 1: Workbook: Business Topics 1.1-1.3. Philip Allan. 650 COU.

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