“Business has been my favourite subject since I first chose it in Year 9. Since then I have wanted to learn more, which is why I am so pleased that I chose it as an A Level. What I’ve enjoyed most over the first year is learning how what I’m taught is actually reflected in the real world, and how it can affect my local environment. If I had the chance to do anything differently, I would have interacted more at the beginning of the year – it would have allowed me to take in different points of view on topics, allowing me to get a better perspective. Overall, however, I have loved the subject and I am very happy to be studying it next year.”

Josh D

  1. Watch 6 TED talks of your own choice from this list and summarise the talk in 10 lines.
  2. Read a minimum of 2 articles from the BBC Business News every day.
  3. Complete the following courses from Digital Skills: Social Media: learn how to use social media for business, from creating a social media presence to measuring success. The Secret Power of Brands: understand the role of brands and brand management in the modern world. Understanding Modern Business and Organisations: learn how knowledge, technology, ethics and globalisation affect businesses today. Leaders: Their Role and Impact on Business: examine different leadership theories and the key traits of a leader. Analyse the impact leaders have on an organisation.
  4. Create a 2 page case study of the impact of COVID-19. Use facts and figures to identify the impact it has had on businesses in the UK and globally.

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