Business Studies

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“For me, Business Studies has offered a great insight into the working world of business which affects everything from what we are sold, to where we are sold it, and at what price. In Year 12 I’ve learnt a lot about decision making and the strategic positioning of businesses as well as management, operations and everything inbetween. These concepts are applied to the real world at a variety of scales and in various markets and sectors, where learnt theory is brought to life. Engage with the subject and you’ll develop a broad range of business skills, including problem solving, critiquing and analysis which are invaluable for the A Level, as well as other subjects and the wider world.” – Josh B

“Business has been my favourite subject since I first chose it in Year 9. Since then I have wanted to learn more, which is why I am so pleased that I chose it as an A Level. What I’ve enjoyed most over the first year is learning how what I’m taught is actually reflected in the real world, and how it can affect my local environment. If I had the chance to do anything differently, I would have interacted more at the beginning of the year – it would have allowed me to take in different points of view on topics, allowing me to get a better perspective. Overall, however, I have loved the subject and I am very happy to be studying it next year.” – Josh D

  1. Watch 6 TED talks of your own choice from this list and summarise the talk in 10 lines.
  2. Read a minimum of 2 articles from the BBC Business News every day.
  3. Complete the following courses from Digital Skills: Social Media: learn how to use social media for business, from creating a social media presence to measuring success. The Secret Power of Brands: understand the role of brands and brand management in the modern world.

    Understanding Modern Business and Organisations: learn how knowledge, technology, ethics and globalisation affect businesses today.

    Leaders: Their Role and Impact on Business: examine different leadership theories and the key traits of a leader. Analyse the impact leaders have on an organisation.

  4. Create a 2 page case study of the impact of COVID-19. Use facts and figures to identify the impact it has had on businesses in the UK and globally.