“Choosing which subjects to study at A Level is a very difficult task, particularly if you are as indecisive as I was when I was in your position this time last year. However, I can assure you that Chemistry is a subject which you will not regret selecting. Chemistry is widely acknowledged to be one of the most challenging A Levels, but I encourage you to see this as a huge positive rather than a deterrence. The difficulty of the subject makes it both stimulating and rewarding – you will rarely be bored in a Chemistry lesson. Also, an A Level in Chemistry is guaranteed to impress when applying for universities. Above all, DSFC is fortunate to have brilliant chemistry teachers who offer valuable support both in and outside of lessons and ensure that all topics are taught in an interesting and enjoyable way.”


Royal Society of Chemistry

Useful YouTube channels:


Course Essential/Highly Recommended Books


Ritchie, R. and Gent, D. (2013) A Level Chemistry A for OCR Student Book. Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780198351979.

Highly Recommended:

CGP Books (2015) Head Start to A-level Chemistry. CGP Books. ISBN: 9781782942801.

Poole, E. and McGowan, D. (2018) Maths Skills for A Level Chemistry, 2nd edn. Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780198428978.

CGP Books (2015) Essential Maths Skills for A-level Chemistry. CGP Books. ISBN: 9781782944720

Other reading that may be useful/interesting:

    • Pleasure of Finding Things Out – Richard Feynman
    • Periodic Tales – Hugh Aldersey-Williams
    • The Disappearing Spoon – Sam Kean
    • Uncle Tungsten – Oliver Sachs
    • The Shocking History of Phosphorus: A Biography of the Devil’s Element – John Emsley
    • H2O: A Biography of Water – Philip Ball
    • Obsessive Genius: The Inner Workings of Marie Curie – Barbara Goldsmith
    • Why Does Asparagus Make Your Wee Smell? – Andy Brunning
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