“This subject is highly relevant in the continual changing world of technology. It allows you to become competent and able to engage effectively with technology-based industries. The subject has a particular level of appeal as it enables you to understand the ‘magic’ behind everyday use of computing technology. Computer Science appeals to my methodical and analytical thinking. It is clearly structured and Mr Nicholson makes it fun, relevant and engaging. The subject is challenging and really makes me think. As a result, there is a huge sense of achievement and satisfaction when I complete a tricky task.”


1. Please complete this bridging work booklet.

2. Complete the following courses from

These are excellent free online courses which prepare you well for A Level Computing. Click the links below to see a selection of STEM related courses that can be done online to broaden your understanding of Computer science. Here are some suggestions:

Object-Oriented Programming in Python: Create Your Own Adventure Game: learn object-oriented programming principles by creating your own text-based adventure game in Python.

How Computers Work: Demystifying Computation: explore the fundamentals of computing: computer architecture, binary logic, data processing, circuits.

Introduction to Databases and SQL: discover how databases work and how to use SQL in this introductory course.

3. Online coding development sites:

This site is a superb way of learning the basics in a particular language. The languages you need to be the most familiar with are Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. SQL is also used. Read these sections on the site, complete the activities as desired and have a go at the tests. You can learn so much on this site.

4. Articles:

There are some good questions posed and answers provided on this website.

5. A Website Challenge:

Introduction to Web Development: discover web development and learn to build your own interactive websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Create your own website about a topic you are really interested in such as a hobby or other topic, such as the Seven Wonders of the World. It should include images, look great and ideally have an interactive multiple-choice quiz using JavaScript.

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