I am pleased that I took CPLD because the content I’m learning is helping me to understand everything I need to know for the job that I want to do in the future – working in the childcare sector. I’ve enjoyed learning about all the different things children need to grow and develop healthily and happily. Some of these things I wouldn’t have thought of before beginning this course. If I had the chance to do anything differently it would be to make better use of lesson time so that I was less stressed when my teacher wasn’t on hand.”


Task 1

  1. Choose an area of interest to you, about young children, that is currently in the media.
  2. Carry out some research by watching a film, documentary, or reading an article about it.
  3. Write an account of what you have found out. Include why you chose the topic and what you have learnt about it.

Task 2

Complete a course from Futurelearn.com. Relevant courses include:

Exploring Play: The Importance of Play in Everyday Life (University of Sheffield)

Supporting Successful Learning in the Primary School (University of Reading)

Understanding ADHD (Kings College London)

Preparing for Teaching (Manchester Metropolitan University)

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