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Nursery World, February 2023

EYFS best practice: working with babies: just like home: What can settings do to make their baby rooms as beneficial as possible for their youngest children?

EYFS best practice: observation part 2: telling it all: Taking time to properly listen to children and encouraging them to talk about their interests are vital.

Essential resources: pioneers & influencers: keeping it real: The late Helen Bromley’s focus on authentic resources that prompt children to ‘talk’ is one of her key legacies.

EYFS best practice in schools: English Hubs: well read: Looks at the English Hubs programme, which is currently seeing more than 1,000 schools across the country receive intensive support for their teaching of reading to Reception and Year 1 children.

Nursery World special report: healthy food on a budget: good and wholesome: How can early years settings cost-effectively provide children with nutritious and tasty meals at a time when food and energy bills are soaring?

Nursery World, January 2023

EYFS best practice: working with babies: on the go!: In the first of this four part series Meredith Jones Russell explores the challenges and rewards of working in the baby room and discovers it is a very special place.

EYFS best practice: observation: be informed: In this first of a four part series, Dr Sue Allingham looks at how effective and informed observation can support the emotional and physical wellbeing of young children. This article supports your unit on Observation, assessment and planning.

Research nurseries: Like research schools, some nurseries use evidence to improve practice. In part one of this series, Gemma Goldenberg visits an early years research centre in Sheffield.

Essential resources: pioneers and influencers: Penny Holland’s pioneering work on gun play, a controversial and emotive subject, is worth revisiting in these times, Nicole Weinstein discovers as part of her resources series.

Health & wellbeing: forces for good: What can be done to help children separated from parents serving in the military?