Childrens Communication, Literacy & Numeracy

Weinstein, N. (2023) ‘EYFS best practice in schools: English Hubs: well read’, Nursery World, February 2023, pp.35-38.
Looks at the English Hubs programme, which is currently seeing more than 1,000 schools across the country receive intensive support for their teaching of reading to Reception and Year 1 children.

Vollans, C. (2022) ‘Best practice: circle time: how it squares’, Nursery World, September 2022, pp.20-21.

What is circle time, how does it support children’s communication development, and why are some settings turning their backs on it?

Weinstein, N. (2021) ‘Essential resources: music pitch perfect’, Nursery World, July 2021, pp.20-21.
Offering musical instruments for children to explore and handle freely along with targeted, adult-led music sessions helps promote listening and communication skills.

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How can early years practitioners continue to support the mathematical learning of all children within the framework of the revised EYFS?

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Identification and intervention to help all children reach their speech, language and communication potential have been improved by local projects.

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Concerns have been raised about some early years settings using phonics with two-year-olds.

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‘Maths mastery’ is gaining traction as the preferred approach in schools, but is it appropriate for the youngest children?

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Understanding how children express pain, and knowing what to do about it, are vital.

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How settings can improve how they support the Communication and Language (C&L) skills of children as seen through the lens of the new Oftsed judgement ‘Quality education’.

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The good, the bad and the ugly: what picturebooks teach children about beauty and self-worth.

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Dialogic reading, where the child is prompted to be the teller of the story, has been a success at LEYF.

Goddard, C. (2018) ‘Non-verbal communication: on message? Nursery World, 12-25 November 2018, pp.32-33.
How adults communicate non-verbally with children aged three to five has a profound effect on self-esteem and self-belief.

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