Physical, Development Care & Health Needs

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How can early years settings cost-effectively provide children with nutritious and tasty meals at a time when food and energy bills are soaring?

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Should your setting’s children be given snacks? And, if so, what should these consist of? Meredith Jones Russell talks to the experts.

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How can staff help parents who are struggling with their children’s sleep routines?

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With more children wearing nappies for longer, what do early years practitioners need to know about potty training? Reports on the reasons for the trend and practical ways to help children become successfully toilet trained.

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This complex skill requires getting the basics right before opportunities are provided to practise all its formats.

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Amid the controversy around proposals to periodically weigh school children, what can early years settings do to help tackle the child obesity crisis?

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How did the first lockdown impact children’s physical development, and what have early years settings done to help them get ‘back on track’?

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Studies reveal that exposure to peanuts at a young age can raise tolerance in at-risk children.

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What are the latest guidelines and opinion when it comes to physical activity?

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Fine motor skills are apparently declining in school-leavers, so instilling them in the early years is vital.

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Dr Ronny Cheung, author of ‘International Comparisons of Health and Wellbeing’, talks to Meredith Jones Russell about the UK’s health outcomes for babies and young children.

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Understanding and responding to young children’s distress is vital to their future mental health.

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Understanding how children express pain, and knowing what to do about it, are vital.

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What is sepsis and how can practitioners and parents spot the early warning signs?

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Physical development and music go hand in hand, and the key to success is variety.

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