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A fantastic opportunity to study many aspects of criminology through applied learning, leading to a variety of careers within the criminal justice sector or, alternatively, to access higher education degree courses.

Mrs J Elphick
Head of Criminology
[email protected]

The Course

You will delve into the fascinating world of criminology from types of crime to campaigns for change, investigative techniques to miscarriages of justice, crime control to civil liberties. The course will allow you to carry out tasks ensuring that teaching remains vocationally relevant and will consist of a combination of independent assignments and external examinations. You will be given the opportunity to make useful and meaningful contacts with a variety of organisations.

We will follow the specification for the WJEC Level 3 Applied Diploma in Criminology. The content of the course is as follows:


Year 1

  • Changing awarensss of crime
  • Criminological theories

Year 2

  • Crime scene to courtroom
  • Crime and punishment


Your units on Criminological theories and Crime and punishment will be externally assessed with a 90 minute exam each. The papers will consist of short and extended answer questions based on stimulus material and applied contexts. Your units on Changing awareness of crime and Crime scene to courtroom will be internally assessed with an assignment for each.

Entry Requirements

Minimum 54444 including minimum Level 4 in English Language or Literature GCSE