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A Level Dance reflects both historical and current dance practices, making it more relevant, and inspires a lifelong passion and appreciation for dance.

The Course
Dance is a dynamic qualification which encourages you to develop your creative and intellectual capacity, alongside transferable skills such as team working, communication and problem solving. All of these are sought after skills by higher education and employers and will help you stand out in the workplace, whatever your choice of career.

We follow the AQA specification.

Miss Harris
Head of Dance
[email protected]


Component 1

The first component covers Performance and choreography. You will be assessed on; a solo performance linked to a specified practitioner within an area of study; a performance in a quartet; and group choreography. This assessment will take the form of a practical exam and is worth 50% of the A-level.


Component 2

The second component covers Critical engagement. You will be assessed on your knowledge, understanding and critical appreciation of two set works: once compulsory set work within the compulsory area of study; and one optional set work within the corresponding area of study, from a choice of four. This assessment will take the form of a written exam and is worth 50% of the A-level.

Entry Requirements
Minimum 65444 including a 5 in English Language or Literature. GCSE Dance or alternative preferred but not mandatory.