Resources needed for the course:

  • Design and Technology textbook – you can order the book from Amazon at a slightly cheaper price or you can look on Ebay.
  • A3 portfolio.
  • Drawing equipment – pens, pencils, colouring pencils, black fine liner pens.
    1. Use/learn Sketchup and do some tutorials or design some products.
    2. Choose 2 design eras/designers from the list below and produce a mood board with annotations. You will use these as inspiration for some products you are going to make in Year 12:
      1. Arts and Craft movement
      2. Art Deco
      3. Modernism, e.g. Bauhaus
      4. Post modernism, e.g. Memphis
      5. Phillipe Starck
      6. James Dyson
      7. Margaret Calvert
      8. Dieter Rams
      9. Charles and Ray Eames
      10. Marianne Brandt
    3. Either purchase the textbook above or use your revision guides to read up on sustainability, environment and alternative energies.
    4. Have a look at some past papers and have a go at some questions.
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