“As someone who has a strong passion for social sciences and problem solving, Economics quickly became my favourite subject. It focuses on the behaviour and interactions of economic agents mixed with step-by-step problem solving of both macro and micro economic production, distribution and consumption issues. The subject shines light on very important aspects of worldwide economics and modern challenges facing the world. Whether or not economics is a passion of yours it will impact your life – I find that learning about these principles is very interesting, relevant and beneficial. The course is very professionally laid out, following a clear path with all content clearly ordered, accessible and easy to revise and re-read, making extra study and revision a breeze. If I were to do anything different I would ensure all work was titled and date labelled. When it comes to storing work, teachers ask work to be placed in folders and if I were to have labelled my work from the beginning it would have saved a lot of time when ordering my folder.”


  1. Watch 6 TED talks of your own choice from this list and summarise the talk in 10 lines.
  2. Have a look at these 10 most influential economists. Summarise each one. Write down a question about each one (e.g. something you would like to know more about).
  3. Complete the following lessons /activities. Summarise each video in a maximum of 20 lines:
  4. Create a 2 page case study of the impact of COVID-19. Use facts and figures to identify the impact it has had on the UK economy and the global economy
  5. Read 2 reports from the BBC Economy News every day.
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