Ending the Year with a Bang

We would like to share with you the amazing achievement of one of our Year 13 students, Grace, who has recently been named Runner Up in the Senior Science Category of The Big Bang Competition. The competition is the UK’s ‘top annual science and engineering competition’ where students can work on and submit a project on ‘absolutely anything in the field of STEM’ (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Here Grace describes her project:

“Last summer I worked with two PhD students at Earlham Institute as part of a Nuffield project to identify single cell types of red blood cells in a transcriptomic data set. I had to use a variety of coding and data

analysis to do so. I then entered it into The Big Bang Competition this year where I had to write about my project and create a video. I then went on to judging where I had to talk to a panel of judges about it.”

Grace was named Runner Up and awarded £250 along with a trophy. Mrs Simms, one of her science teachers, says “This is a national competition, so Grace has done extremely well. I think this is such a wonderful thing to happen for her.” Congratulations Grace!