Your English Language and Literature bridging work relates to the different themes covered in the exam papers.

Views and Voices / Imagined Worlds / Genre Research

  1. Read The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (Vintage Classics, published 1996. ISBN: 9780099740919).
  2.  Produce a poster/knowledge organiser detailing key plot points and character. Please refer to the examples on the left (although bear in mind these are not from our core texts).
  3. If not already done so, we advise NOT to watch the TV series of The Handmaid’s Tale. (The focus of the unit is on the construct of the written narrative and deliberate authorial methods of creating narrative gaps). The dramatisation is different to the written text and you will have to ‘unlearn’ what you know and only focus on the written narrative. Instead, you can study and work through this site.

People and Places / Remembered Places / Paris

  1. Research the history surrounding Paris/France since the French Revolution. Look into famous sites of history and/or culture. You could consider the layout of the city by looking at a map.
  2. Produce a timeline of key historical events for France, detailing the key information about the event(s) and outcomes.

Dramatic Encounters / Othello

  1. Watch a production of Othello or read the play (Othello by Shakespeare. Cambridge University Press, 3rd edn., published 2014. ASIN: B00NBDI046).
  2. Research the contextual information surrounding the play.
  3. Produce a poster/knowledge organiser detailing key plot points, character and context. Please refer to the examples on the left of the page (although bear in mind these are not from our core texts).

Writing About Society /  The Great Gatsby

  1. Research the 1920s/1930s. This could include: the Jazz Age; the changing role of women; legacy of the First World War; advertising and mass marketing; immigration; crime; the American Dream; slang/colloquialisms of the time, etc.
  2. Produce a poster or timeline of information showcasing your research.
  3. Read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Worldsworth Editions, published 1992. ISBN: 9781853260414.
  4. We advise that you DO watch the The Great Gatsby film. Also have a look at this. The focus of the exam question is on re-casting a scene and writing a commentary. This requires an in-depth understanding of the opulence and sheer luxury of Gatsby’s parties and high society’s lifestyle. You will benefit from the visual stimulus.
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