English Language and Literature Resources AQA Paris Anthology

Payton, M. (2023) ‘Exam skills: navigating travel writing: language and literature’, English Review, 33 (4), pp.26-28.
Mark Payton explores approaches to the analysis of travel writing for the English language and literature exam, using Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni’s Understanding Chic as an example. This piece forms part of a 2011 compilation of outsiders’ reflection on Paris entitled Paris was Ours and is therefore ideal for inclusion in the AQA Anthology: Paris for analysis by students of A-level English language and literature in Section A (Remembered Places) or Paper 1 (Telling Stories). Look out for the practice exam question in this article.

Shah, V. (2022) ‘Paris: a city of stories’, Emagazine, 98, pp.35-38.
Varsha Shah argues that narrative is an essential element in non-fiction as well as fiction texts, as is evidenced in the AQA English Language and Literature anthology on Paris.

Hughes, A. (2018) ”Chic savages’: otherness in AQA’s Paris Anthology’, Emagazine, 82, pp.56-57.
Exploring the AQA Anthology through the lens of otherness provides a rich analytical approach to a set of texts by writers who are not Parisian themselves.

Lickorish-Quinn, K. (2017) ‘Story-telling and memory in Paris: the AQA B Lang/Lit Anthology’, Emagazine, 76, pp.58-61.
Karina Lickorish Quinn takes the title of Hemingway’s iconic book about Paris – ‘A Moveable Feast’ – as the starting point for thinking about the AQA B anthology.

Balchin, G. (2016) ‘The AQA Lang/Lit Paris Anthology: schematic knowledge and stereotypes’, Emagazine, 73, pp.64-65.
A Level teacher Grace Balchin draws on the notion of schemas of knowledge, to help you analyse the texts in AQA’s Paris anthology.