Environmental Science

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This course will appeal to those who wish to take a scientific approach to understanding the global environment, the challenges it faces and potential solutions for the future. There are elements of all three sciences and geography. With opportunities to examine real life case studies, this subject has never been more relevant.

Mr G Ashfield
Head of Environmental Science
[email protected]

The Course

Environmental Science has many interconnected systems and processes. A change to one process can affect many other processes over different spatial and temporal scales. You will develop an understanding of how human society relies upon natural systems for resources and life support systems. You will also be expected to investigate evidence through a range of analytical tools and then be able to put forward a considered opinion. The course will develop your skills in communication, teamwork and critical thinking.

We will follow the AQA specification. The content of the course is as follows:


Year 1

  • The living environment
  • The physical environment
  • Energy resources
  • Research methods

Year 2

  • Pollution
  • Biological resources
  • Sustainability
  • Research methods


You will sit two exams at the end of the course. Each paper will be 3 hours long and will consist of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions. Paper 1 assesses your units on The physical environment, Energy resources, Pollution and Research methods and is worth 50% of the A Level. Paper 2 assesses your units on The living environment, Biological resources, Sustainability and Research methods and is worth 50% of the A Level.

Entry Requirements

At least one grade 6 in a science subject.