In Year 12 you will have the opportunity to take the Extended Project Qualification. The EPQ is a highly regarded Level 3 qualification equivalent to an AS Level. It allows you to develop and extend your knowledge of a course subject, or investigate an area of personal interest.

The benefits

You will hone essential skills which positively impact your other subjects and prepare you for university level study – you can show skills in independent research, reflection and evaluation, project management, presenting, motivation and resilience. Some students have been asked to send their EPQ reports to universities as part of the selection process and it is frequently a topic for discussion at interviews. One university has even published one of our students’ EPQ research!

What do I do?

The EPQ is an independent research project which can take the form of a 5,000 word research report or an artefact with an accompanying 1,500 word research report. You will also complete a Production Log in which you can record and reflect on your progress and present your work to a small group. You will be supported by a personal supervisor, the College’s EPQ Coordinator and the Librarian and marks will be awarded for project management and reflection as well as research.

We follow the AQA specification

Mrs Almond, who coordinates the EPQ programme says, “We continue to be amazed at the range of topics our students choose to focus on. The EPQ shows how students can extend an interest in a curriculum subject or investigate an area completely separate to their other sixth form studies.” Topics in recent years have covered:


  • Resistance to antibiotics
  • FDI and property prices in London
  • The music of ABBA
  • A promotional campaign for the charity MIND
  • Constructing a model of turbulent technology which could be used in developing countries
  • Writing and producing a film on a psychotic killer
  • Consideration of the threat posted by Russia to the rest of the world
  • Mathematical analysis of betting during the World Cup