Fine Art

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You will be introduced to a variety of experiences exploring a range of media, processes and techniques.

You will be taught and expected to explore and produce practical and critical/contextual work in one or more of the following areas: painting, drawing and mixed media, including collage and assemblage; sculpture; land art, installation and construction; or printmaking, photography, lens-based and/or light-based media, film, animation, television and video.

Mrs Mottley,
Head of Art and Design Faculty: [email protected]

The Course
You will be encouraged to develop:

  • Intellectual, imaginative, creative and intuitive powers
  • Independence of mind in relation to developing your own ideas, refining your ideas, intentions and personal outcomes
  • An interest in, enthusiasm for and enjoyment of art
  • Experience of working with a broad range of media, including traditional and new media and technologies

We encourage individuality and students’ work is highly praised for the unique and personal approach undertaken. Students celebrate success by regularly exhibiting work within the College and in the wider community. This course is suitable for students who wish to undertake further studies in the arts, who are looking to take up an artistic career or who simply wish to add an additional creative subject to complement and enhance their other subject areas. Visits and trips are an integral part of the course and we expect you to respond in innovative ways.

We follow the Eduqas (part of WJEC) specification.


Year 1

Component One: workshop activities followed by a themed project based mainly on taught elements and developing ideas.


Year 2

Component One (continued): personal investigation. A practical unit of work with a written investigation between 1,000 and 3,000 words.
Component Two: controlled assessment – preparation and final piece. A 15 hour supervised period in which you are expected to fully realise your ideas.

Both components are centre-assessed and moderated by Eduqas. You will be expected to demonstrate a response to all of the assessment objectives.

Entry Requirements
Minimum 64444 including 6 in GCSE Art.