“I chose to study French because my ambition is to study Primary Education at university and this requires a traditional subject at A Level. I decided to take French as my traditional subject as I love languages and studied two at GCSE. I’m very pleased I chose French because it has been very enjoyable and I feel like my skills are getting stronger all the time. The teachers are very nice and helpful and have helped build my confidence in the subject. I like that the class size is small as it feels as though I can have more one-to-one time and therefore get more out of the lesson. This year the class combined both Year 12 and Year 13 which at first was quite daunting. However, it turned out to be really helpful as you can learn from the Year 13s – this I found very beneficial in Year 12. They also know more about the course and so their advice and guidance was very reassuring. If I had the chance, I would revisit grammar in the workbook throughout the year to keep perfecting it, in turn making the subject a little easier. I would also keep going over unit vocabulary so that revision is easier for exams.”


bridging work booklet

This booklet will form the basis of your Grammar Reference Section in your portfolio. There are suggested websites at the bottom of each page, and you can also use grammar books to research your answers.

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