“My love for geography started at high school, especially in the physical geography topics. Those of hazards and coastal landscapes particularly sparked an interest for me. The teaching style in A Level Geography at DSFC is extremely interactive which gives students a chance to engage with other class members about their views and interests, and especially differences of opinion in relation to human geography. If I had the chance to go back to Year 12 I would make flash cards of all the keywords as I went along in each topic as the amount of new terminology can get overwhelming if you don’t keep on track with it! Overall, A Level Geography is a vast subject with lots of different topics to lean and build skills on from GCSE. Also there is the opportunity to go to Aberystwyth at the end of Year 12 with the chance to conduct some of your own research, making you feel like a real Geographer.”


As part of your A Level in Geography, you will need to understand models and have a good grasp of source skills.

  1. Choose one of the models below, find out more and present a page (either typed or hand written) on how it helps you to understand the geography being covered.
    1. The Park model of hazard response
    2. The Coastal System
    3. The demographic transition model
    4. The Global Commons
  2. Choose one of the source types below. Present a page of work (either typed or hand written) with an example of how that source might be used in geography, along with an evaluation of some of its strengths and weaknesses.
    1. The National Census
    2. Satellite photographs
    3. Fieldwork data (data you might collect)
    4. Photographs, including those from the past
    5. Newspaper articles
    6. Songs
    7. National Health Service statistics
    8. Blogs (text or video)
    9. Twitter

Do not exceed a page on each task. (If typed, font size should be 10 minimum, 14 maximum.) Diagrams and images are allowed so long as they add to the work and do not take up more than 1/2 page in total. Use subheadings.

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