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Enfield, G. and Wldock, J. (2023) ‘Mapping home during Covid-10: children and young people’s conceptualisations of home at a time of crisis’, Geography Review, 36 (3), pp.22-25.
How have children and young people made sense of their homes during the Covid-19 crisis? How have they engaged with the places where they live through repeated lockdowns? We can use hand-drawn maps to explore these questions.

Owens, A. and Blunt, A. (2022) ‘Home, place and Covid-19’, Geography Review, 36 (2), pp.37-41.
How have your ideas and experience of home changed during the Covid-19 pandemic? How did government lockdowns and restrictions alter yuor relationships with the place where you live? Have places – and their connections with other places – changed?

(2022) ‘Making the grade: question and answer: changing places’, Geography Review, 36 (2), pp.28-32.
This issue’s Question and Answer uses questions similar in style to the 2019 AQA Human Geography Paper 2 exam paper. The questions are focused on the Changing Places topic, specifically related to factors affecting the characteristics, perceptions of and experience of places. Questions range from a 4-mark point-marked question up to a challenging 20-mark essay.

Holmes, D. (2022) ‘Making the grade: geographical skills: using historical maps and imagery’, Geography Review, 36 (2), pp.16-18.
How can you use old maps, postcards, paintings and other images to investigate place and quantify landscape change?

(2022) ‘Making the grade: question and answer: perspectives on place’, Geography Review, 35 (4), pp.22-26.
This issue’s Question and Answer takes questions from the 2018 AQA Human Geography Paper 2 exam paper. The questions are focused on the Changing Places topic, covering factors affecting the perceptions and experience of place and with a focus on qualitative versus quantitative data.

Mann, N. (2021) ‘Changing places in Moss Side, Manchester: evaluating regeneration’, Geography Review, 34 (3), pp.10-12.
Regeneration of inner-city neighbourhoods brings both costs and benefits. In this case study of Moss Side, Narinder Mann, a resident of the area and a geographer, raises questions about the best approach to redevelopment for local people.

Oakes, S. (2021) ‘Making connections: new horizons: changing places, global systems and Covid-19’, Geography Review, 34 (4), pp.13-15.
This Making Connections explores changes in local place identities and experiences linked with the spread of Covid-19 through global systems. This article links to your units on Changing Places and Global Systems and Global Governance. Look out for the discussion questions in this article.

Alcock, D. (2020) ‘Challenging your world view: how to develop your critical thinking’, Geography Review, 34 (2), pp.17-19.
Everything in the world is getting worse. Right? read on to see why the answer to this question is way more complicated than that, why we tend towards a negative view and how you can learn to think more critically. This article is useful for the NEA and Changing Places unit.

Lees, L. (2020) ‘Changing urban places: what is wrong with gentrification?’, Geography Review, 33 (3), pp,12-16.
Urban places around the world are being remade by planners and governments. What is the difference between urban regeneration and gentrification, and why is this important in understanding changing places?

Oakes, S. (2019) ‘Updates: everybody’s talking about…5G’, Geography Review, 33 (1), pp.16-17.
Emerging 5G mobile networks promise to transform connectivity for societies, especially in cities. What are the implications of this latest ‘shrinking world’ technology for changing places, global systems and global governance?

Philips, R. (2017) ‘Visual research on changing places: an example from Hackney’, Geography Review, 30 (3), pp.10-12.
Many of you will be undertaking studies of place as part of your course. This article describes a project in Hackney that used photo and film to study perceptions of the area, and suggests how the technique might be applied to A-level fieldwork.

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