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The Geography course develops an understanding of the interrelationships between people and their environments and of the opportunities, challenges and constraints that face people in different places and environments.

You will further enhance the skills learned at GCSE level through a range of different teaching techniques and fieldwork.

Dr Barrett
Head of Geography
[email protected]

“My love for geography started at high school, especially in the physical geography topics. Those of hazards and coastal landscapes particularly sparked an interest for me. The teaching style in A Level Geography at Dereham Sixth Form College is extremely interactive which gives students a chance to engage with other class members about their views and interests, and especially differences of opinion in relation to human geography. If I had the chance to go back to Year 12, I would make flash cards of all the keywords as I went along in each topic as the amount of new terminology can get overwhelming if you don’t keep on track with it! Overall, A Level Geography is a vast subject with lots of different topics to lean and build skills on from GCSE, also with the opportunity to go to Aberystwyth at the end of Year 12 with the chance to conduct some of your own research making you feel like a real Geographer.” (Laila)

The Course
Geography is sought after by employers and is seen by the top universities as an ‘enabling’ subject for entry into Higher Education. It combines well with many subjects such as Maths, History and the sciences.

Occupations linked to geography are far-reaching covering many areas of interest. You will undertake a variety of local field trips to support learning in the classroom and develop your understanding and skills required for success in examinations and coursework. During the first year you will complete a coastal study in Norfolk and also take part in residential fieldwork based at the University of Aberystwyth, Wales. In the second year you will have the opportunity to visit London and undertake fieldwork in Norwich.

We will follow the new AQA specification, which is a linear, two-year course. The content of the course will be as follows:


Year 1

The core topics cover both human and physical geography with an emphasis on developing a higher level understanding of how different processes fit together to produce unique landforms, places and processes. In each area of study you will learn models of movement from tectonic plates and sediment to people and perceptions of place. You will assess the values and attitudes of decision makers, consider your own attitudes to the issues being studied and support your learning of ideas through the study of specific case studies.

Physical geography:

  • Coastal systems and landscapes
  • Hazards

Human Geography:

  • Changing places

During the last eight weeks you will learn a range of fieldwork and analytical skills. You will begin your independent investigation. A unique title must be chosen and developed. Most students will complete their fieldwork in Aberystwyth.


Year 2

In year two you will build on your knowledge from the first year to develop a deeper understanding of three of the world’s most pressing and dramatic phenomena. YOu will learn to evaluate complex data and to express your opinions in an itelligent manner on matters such as claimte change, food security, population control and globalisation.

Physical geography:

  • Water and carbon cycles

Human Geography:

  • Global systems and global governance
  • Population and the environment

You will also complete your coursework investigation in your own time.

Destinations of some of our A Level Geography students:

Past students have gone on to study GeoPhysics; Volcanology; Geology; International Relations; Town Planning; Physical Geography; Human Geography; Teaching; Journalism; Accountancy.

Enrichment Opportunities:

Fieldwork is central to our course – a week at Aberystwyth University in Wales alongside visits to Sheringham/Cley, Norwich and London.

You will sit two exams at the end of the course. Each paper will be 2 ½ hours long and will consist of short answer questions, extended prose for the first year units and essay writing for the second year units. You will also be required to submit your own coursework investigation, built around a central theme of the course. This is worth 20% of the A Level.

Entry Requirements
Minimum 65444 including 6 in Geography and 5 in English Language or Literature GCSE.