Health & Social Care Careers – University of Suffolk Fieldtrip

“Year 12 Health and Social Care students were invited to attend an open day at the University of Suffolk to take a look at different types of careers in the health and social care sector. We were greeted and given a timetable to follow during the day depending on what we chose to look at. There were a range of different lectures from child nursing, adult nursing, social work, mental health awareness and more, all describing what it involves and what studying the certain subject would look like at the University. We were given a tour around the University showing us all the different types of new buildings that were built and what they include. There is a section within the University which involves simulations of adults and children that are put in a scenario in which we have to help them – they can cry, scream, breathe and more! The University also provided us with snacks and drinks to get us going through the day and made sure we got to all allocated classrooms safely on time. Overall it was a very interesting day and it made me think of trying a new career in the health sector!” (Nikola)