2023-2024 Application Process

Please note: If you wish to make an application during the spring term, please telephone the office on 01362 696884.

Thursday 19th October 2023 – OPEN EVENING This will be held at the College, from 5:30pm – 8:30pm.

October – December – APPLICATIONS – Students who wish to apply for a place at the College need to fill in an application form using the ‘helpyouchoose’ application service. Most high schools will guide you through this process or you can simply go online and fill in the application form independently.

If you are applying from outside Norfolk, please contact the office.

February / March – INTERVIEWS – Your application will be followed up by an invitation to interview. These interviews sometimes take place at your High School or you may be invited into College. The interview will last ten or fifteen minutes and will focus on ensuring you are suited to A Level study and on helping you select the most appropriate Programme of Study.

March / April – OFFERS – Conditional places will be offered to successful applicants.

May – INFORMATION – If you accept your conditional offer you will be sent a full pack of information to ensure a successful start to your Sixth Form studies.

July – TRANSITION DAY – You will be invited to attend our Transition Day which allows you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the College, experience a lesson in each of the subjects you have chosen and to meet the staff and fellow students with whom you will be spending the next two years.

August – ENROLMENT DAY – On the day you receive your results, to enrol you will complete the enrolment form which will be linked on the homepage of this website. 

September – STUDIES BEGIN!