You are most likely to achieve your full potential if you are happy and well supported. At DSFC we offer you bespoke support all the way to help remove any barriers to your success.

College Support Networks

You will have a personal tutor when you join us and this tutor will stay with you during your time here. You will meet with your tutor every fortnight for a group tutorial during which the skills and work-related learning programme is delivered. You will also have small group and individual tutorials which take place every four weeks. During these one-to-one tutorials you will discuss your progress in your subjects, set targets and generally ensure that you are helped to make the maximum use of the time and opportunities available to you.

Our Learning Support Department has helped students with a varying range of Special Educational Needs achieve great success. Students have overcome a number of challenges including visual and hearing impairments, physical disabilities, asperger’s, dyslexia, social anxiety and depression and have gained the confidence and independence they wanted to move on to the next stage in their lives and achieve their goals.

Sixth Form can be a challenging time. To help you, we enlist the support of coaches/mentors and a specialist careers adviser. Each will give you confidential advice, guidance and support throughout your time with us.

Alongside the more specialised support available, your Heads of Year are always happy to offer support and guidance. While our policy is always to communicate with you first and foremost, we also have excellent relationships with parents and find that a good working partnership between students, staff and parents generally achieves the best possible results!