“When starting at DSFC I had a whole different career path planned. However, this all changed when I started studying Law at A Level. Throughout Year 12, I always found that Law was the lesson I enjoyed the most. This could be because the subject itself is so interesting – from murders to drinking a snail – or maybe it was due to the teachers I was blessed with. Both Mr and Mrs Elphick remained enthusiastic, supportive and encouraging throughout my first year of A Level Law and it made me excited to go to these lessons! After studying law for a year at DSFC, my goal now is to study Criminal Law and Youth Justice at university, hopefully qualifying as a Defence Lawyer specialising in Youth Justice. If I could do anything differently I would probably engage more in lessons because, at the end of the day, you are smarter than you think!”


Choose one or more of the following books and read over the summer holiday. Each book offers either general background or particular insight into an aspect of our English Legal System.

The Secret Barrister (2019) The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken. Picador. ISBN: 9781509841141

Ognall, H. (2018) A Life of Crime: The Memoirs of a High Court Judge. William Collins. ISBN: 9780008267483

Lord Denning (2005) Landmarks in the Law. Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780406176141

Lord Hailsham (1991) A Sparrow’s Flight: Memoirs. Fontana Press. ISBN: 9780006377214

Sneddon, P. (2016) Law’s Strangest Cases: Extraordinary But True Tales from over Five Centuries of Legal History. Portico. ISBN: 9781910232897

Koon, J. and Powell, A. (2003) You May Not Tie an Alligator to a Fire Hydrant: And Other Really Dumb Laws. Pocket Books. ISBN: 9780743257190

We are always excited to add new books to the list that our students have suggested so feel free to drop me an email ([email protected]) if you find something interesting.

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