Morse, D. (2023) ‘The rights of third parties’, A-Level Law Review, 18 (3), pp.32-33.
Privity of contract and the exceptions to this within contract law. One of the key principles studied in contract law is that of privity of contract.

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Examine the three types of misrepresentation.

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Craig Beauman outlines ten key points to aid your revision.

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Laura Ithier looks at the control of exclusion clauses in contract law.

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The terms topic on contract law is essential to the subject, so much so that it merits particular care and attention during exam preparation. This ‘Examination focus’ is relevant to your exam Paper 3 on Law of Contract.

Mudge, R. (2021) ‘Examination focus: the end of a contract: performance, breach, frustration’, A Level Law Review, 16 (3), pp.21-23.
Rowena Mudge explores how contracts come to an end. This article links to your exam Paper 3 on Law of Contract.

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Craig Beauman provides a framework for your revision of intention to create legal relations in contract law.

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Andrew Mitchell assesses the offer and acceptance elements of the formation process, and the rules that the law provides on the communication of an acceptance of offer. He also looks at the merits of the postal rule of acceptance and the current thinking on instantaneous communications.

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Liz Nuttall explains how to establish formation of contract in exams. Problem questions involving formation issues are frequently seen in A-level law exams.

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Ian Yule shows how to approach claims for damages in contract.

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Ian Yule explains the relevant legal rules on misrepresentation and shows how they need to be applied in problem-solving questions.

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Following on from his column on pages 6-9 of this issue, Ian Yule outlines the remedies for misrepresentation.

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Explains how to identify a valid offer, which is capable of acceptance, in a problem-based scenario question.

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Summarises what you need to know about consideration.

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Presents cases involving the contract law doctrine of frustration, including a recent European Union (EU) case.

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