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A guide to statutory interpretation in the English legal system. Statutory interpretation is a law-making topic. Examiners will want to test your understanding and knowledge of its main features.

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Explaining the concept of jury equity in relation to a recent case.

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The impact of the 1966 Practice Statement on judicial precedent.

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Laura Ithier provides a brief overview of the regulation of solicitors, barristers and legal executives, including the consequences for these practitioners of breaching professional standards.

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Employment tribunals (ETs) are specialist courts dealing with disputes that lie outside the jurisdiction of the civil court system.

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Is medical consent a complication that shifts with time, or a fundamental defendable right?

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Alex Martin Diaz explains how the law is changing for driverless vehicles.

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Giles Bayliss explores the relationship between jury composition and the right to a fair trial.

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Andrew Mitchell looks at the influence and achievements of the President of the Supreme Court, who is due to retire in January 2020.

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Looks at how the concept of fault interacts with criminal law and the law of tort.

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