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Examine the definition of reasonabless in relation to the Occupiers’ Liability Act.

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What questions should be posed to apply the tort law of occupiers’ liability to a scenario?

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Reviewing primary victim status and proximity factors for secondary victims in psychiatric harm claims.

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Craig Beauman provides a framework of rules and considerations for your revision of the tort of private nuisance. This article links to your exam Paper 2 on Tort.

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Andrew Mitchell explores the origins and development of this controversial tort, and its restatement in the Transco case.

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Dee Morse examines the special rules relating to liability for pure economic loss causes be negligent acts and negligent misstatements. This article links to your exam Paper 2 on Tort. Look out for the exam tips in this article.

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What are the theories and concepts that underpin the law of tort? This article is relevant to your exam Paper 2 on The Nature of Law and the English Legal System and Tort. Look out for the exam tip in this article.

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What you need to know about the Act that covers occupiers’ responsibilities to trespassers.

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Two recent Supreme Court judgements have brought welcome clarity and coherence to this important tort topic.

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The Occupiers’ Liability Act (OLA) 1957 covers liability to lawful visitors. Occupiers have a duty of care to ensure that their land is not hazardous to others.

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Darren Sylvester assesses the UK Supreme Court’s judgement in R (on the application of Miller) v The Prime Minister and Cherry v Advocate General for Scotland (2019), examining whether the court entered the political arena.

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Private nuisance is a distinct area of tort law concerned with the protection of rights over land. It remains important, as it covers potential claims that may not be recoverable in negligence or other areas or tort law.

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Ian Yule examines some tort causation cases in relation to the Wagon Mound rule.

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