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“I chose Maths because it was a subject I really enjoyed at GCSE. This enjoyment has continued into A Level. Whilst I find it challenging, I love the problem solving aspect and the idea of using multiple solutions to solve one problem. In A Level Maths there are three parts: Pure Maths, Mechanics and Statistics. Statistics has been my favourite component as it showed me new ways of collecting and analysing data. In addition, this aspect of A Level Maths fits in with my other subjects, Biology and Psychology. Mechanics is useful for people who are interested in engineering and physics – it is interesting to see how equations work in real life. Pure Maths is the algebra aspect of Maths, where most of the problem solving is. I am so pleased I chose Maths because it is a subject which will help me in my future.” – Lucy

“I am pleased that I chose Further Maths as an option as I am aware of the demand for people with a good mathematical knowledge. Having this A Level will provide me with so many options once I finish at DSFC. In Year 12, I really enjoyed the pace of the subject and how helpful the teachers were. I was initially worried as, when taking Further Maths, it means you have to do your Maths A Level in one year. However, the lessons are paced perfectly to create a balance of steady and comfortable learning with great progress. Looking back, if I were to change anything, I think it would be to accept that the jump from GCSE to A Level is tricky at first, but you quickly get used to it and it is not worth stressing over.” (David)

“I chose Maths because it is practical and not essay-based, which I personally prefer. The lessons are well structured and the teachers are always there if you need help. I have enjoyed the way that the subject is taught as the difficulty of it gradually builds up. Therefore, you do not feel immediately overwhelmed when you start learning. If I were to do something differently in Year 12, I would be more organised and more consistent with revising past topics – it makes learning content later on in the year easier.” – Carly

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