News in the Online Age

News in the Online Age

Hanley, L. (2020) ‘Daily Mirror: a personal reflection by Lynsey Hanley’, Media Magazine, 71, pp.10-13.
Lynsey Hanley grew up in the 80s reading the ‘Daily Mirror’ at a time when it was a politically engaged paper for the working class left. Here she reflects on how the paper’s focus has shifted and what that means for its readership.

Hudson, A. (2019) ‘The future is digital: changes in online news’, Media Magazine, 69, pp.18-20.
After experiencing a boom over the last decade it looks as though digital news might be in decline as many online-only news platforms find themselves in financial difficulty. Alex Hudson from asks: where does digital media go from here?

Nunns, J. (2019) ‘March 29th 2019: the day Brexit didn’t happen’, Media Magazine, 69, pp.21-24.
In a world of fast-paced news cycles, events and positions can change before the ink on the page is dry. This article takes a snapshot of a day’s reporting and analyses what the papers made of the day Brexit didn’t happen.

Lacey, N. (2017) ‘What’s the truth in a post-fact world?’, Media Magazine, 59, pp.6-9.
Nick Lacey explores the role of misinformation in recent electoral campaigns, and asks who is responsible for gatekeeping online news.

Fenton, N. (2016) ‘Media, publics, protest and power’, Media Magazine, 55, pp.38-41.
Natalie Fenton, Professor at Goldsmith’s University of London, considers what the internet has done for the news media, freedom of information, and democracy. This article is based on her presentation at the 2015 MediaMag Student Conference last November.

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