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Gower, S. (2022) ‘Lizzo’, Media Magazine, 82, pp.43-47.
Lizzo has been leading the way with body positive female empowerment in her music and videos. Sophie Gower turns up the music and turns downs the lights to see what’s happening in About Damn Time.

McCallum, A. (2021) ‘BBC Sounds’, Media Magazine, 76, pp.32-35.
Andrew McCallum offers an evaluation of the BBS Sounds app’s latest advert and comes out singing its praises.

McCallum, A. (2021) ‘Did ‘The Gravy Song’ jump on the BLM Gravy Train?’, Media Magazine, 75, pp.12-15.
With the major supermarkets’ TV ads becoming a Christmas tradition as much as Wham, turkey and mince pies, what does their 2020 output tell us about British society? And should we be accepting heir festive messages at face value or digging a bit deeper into their ideological positions? Andrew McCallum plays Scrooge.

Muir, S. (2021) ‘7 Rings’, Media Magazine, 75, pp.20-23.
For many fans, the video for Ariana Grande’s ‘7 Rings’ which borrows heavily from iconography of the trap and hip-hop genres, was uncomfortable viewing. Sophie Muir explains the reasons why the child-actress turned pop-superstar has no place appropriating a culture with a narrative of struggle.

Clayton, D. (2020) ‘Who’s pulling the strings?’, Media Magazine, 71, pp.40-43.
The videos for both ‘Dream’ by Dizzee Rascal and ‘Burn the Witch’ by Radiohead make use of puppets from classic kids’ TV to very different effects. Dan Clayton looks at what’s behind these choices and how meanings are being manipulated.

Meade, E. (2020) ‘Shelter and the shifting political context’, Media Magazine, 71, pp.35-39.
Eoin Meade explains how two different ad campaigns from the homelessness charity Shelter reflect the context in which they were created.

Bailey, J. (2019) ‘The ideology of beauty’, Media Magazine, 68, pp.20-23.
What is ‘beauty’ and how do producers of advertisements for beauty products present their vision of perfection in order to sell their products?

James, S. (2019) ‘Gillette: the best a man can get?’, Media Magazine, 70, pp.54-57.
A brave attempt to change the narrative of masculinity, or a cynical, virtue-signalling marketing ploy? Samantha James takes a closer look at Gillette’s close shave with toxic masculinity.

Eardley, G. (2019) ‘The king of wins’, Media Magazine, 70, pp.48-53.
Thom Yorke’s ‘ANIMA’ is an excellent case study in innovate music marketing for Media Studies students.

Turner, P. (2019) ‘In ‘Formation’ overload: feminism: Beyonce vs bell hooks’, Media Magazine, 70, pp.32-35.
Beyonce’s music video ‘Formation’ comes loaded with imagery but opinions are divides about what the video means: a bold statement about black identity, or just a well-choreographed cog in the capitalist machine? This article asks whether one music video can stand for both feminist empowerment and patriarchal oppression.

Gatti, T. (2018) ‘This is America: music, politics and protest’, Media Magazine, 65, pp.14-17.
Childish Gambino’s compelling take on violence and race was a viral hit. Hip-hop is rediscovering its political roots.

Nunns, J. (2018) ‘Tide to the kitchen sink’, Media Magazine, 65, pp.38-41.
If you want to understand a place and time, then look at their advertising. This article examines a 1955 Tide advertisement.

Nunn, J. (2018) ‘Treasure taken for granted’, Media Magazine, 66 p.38-41.
As audiences become desensitised to images of poverty and suffering, a new wave of positive charity adverts is emerging. Jonathan Nunn analyses the Water Aid ‘Claudia Sings’ campaign.

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