Media Studies Bridging Work

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“I came into Media Studies later in the year and am so glad I transferred. It really showcases my creative side, through the video creation aspect, as well as literacy that wouldn’t necessarily be shown in my other choices. One of the reasons I enjoy A Level Media is down to the fact I love going deep into a certain text, cultivating my own personal take on it and then seeing what other people feel. Furthermore, for someone who deems themselves quite opinionated and interested in current affairs, Media allows you to express your critiques or praises for the media environment without any censor and, through such discussion, can change perspectives. If I were to do anything differently I wish I would have chosen Media straight away. However, all the resources provided are very straight-forward and enabled me to be up to speed quickly.” – Cameron

“I’m pleased I chose Media as one of my subjects as it has not only allowed me to have an in-depth insight into different forms of media, it has also helped develop my creativity through practical tasks. My favourite part of the course has been making our own piece of media. For example, we created our own opening title sequences and adverts. I enjoyed learning about different aspects of filmmaking such as shot types and editing during this process. The other, non-practical aspects of the course are highly interesting and enjoyable too. If I were to do anything differently, I would have looked into some of the course topics beforehand to have a brief understanding of them.”- Millie

Task 1: Open the A Level Sample Assessment Materials for Media Studies.

  • Read pages 6-8 and 18-20 (use the page numbers on the document).
  • Work through the assessment guidance by using the ‘indicative content’ on pages 18-20 to help you answer Question 2 on page 6.
  • Understand the skills you will need to answer A Level Media-type questions.

Task 2: Now choose two more static texts from either newspaper or magazine front covers. This is totally your choice.

Task 3: Answer the same question (Question 2 on page 6) for your choices.

Task 4: Watch Beyoncé’s Music Video  Formation. This is your first actual set text that we will be studying in September. Make notes on the presentation of gender and race. (Hint: there is a lot of stuff online on this text – so research your responses.)

This work is set in order for you to experience what an A Level course will be life. It is a test, not just to see if you can do the work but more whether you have the potential to be an A Level students – which is a completely different animal to a GCSE student. For example. what will you do if you cannot understand the material I have asked you to read? Or whether if you cannot find something, do you give up or do something else productive?

You can only fail this first task, if you fail to try.

Mr Elphick