Media Studies

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Media Studies seeks to deepen your understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the media, specifically how audiences respond to the different representations.

By studying the media, you will develop your skills of observation, critical analysis and personal reflection. We will also introduce you to the growing globalisation of the media and help you appreciate its power.

Mr Elphick
Head of Media
[email protected]

“I’m pleased I chose Media as one of my subjects as it has not only allowed me to have an in-depth insight into different forms of media, it has also helped develop my creativity through practical tasks. My favourite part of the course has been making our own piece of media. For example, we created our own opening title sequences and adverts. I enjoyed learning about different aspects of filmmaking such as shot types and editing during this process. The other, non-practical aspects of the course are highly interesting and enjoyable too. If I were to do anything differently, I would have looked into some of the course topics beforehand to have a brief understanding of them.” (Millie)

The Course
Media Studies can be an excellent subject to study for those who wish to pursue a career in the media industry including journalism, TV and in Britain’s growing film industry. Because of its emphasis on textual analysis (we watch a lot of film and TV – our ‘texts’), Media sits nicely with other humanities subjects such as English, Philosophy and History. It is also a highly enjoyable ‘stand-alone’ subject for anyone who is interested in the media. Media Studies has been a highly successful department since its inception at the College. Our expectations are of 100% A – Cs and both the text viewing and making instil and reinforce an intellectual rigour which you will carry with you into further education.

We follow the WJEC specification, a course that provides a thorough theoretical and also practical introduction to the subject.


Year 1

Unit 1: Investigating the Media. This examination unit covers the following forms – music videos,  advertising, newspapers, radio, social media and film. The unit is divided into three sections: Selling Images – Advertising and Music Video; News in the Online Age; and Film Industries – from Wales to Hollywood.

Unit 2: Creating a Media Production. This coursework unit allows you to create your own production – this year the brief is to produce an Opening Sequence to a horror film, although there is some room for a wider choice. You will also produce an illustrated Reflective Analysis of your production piece.


Year 2

Unit 3: Media in the Global Age. Unit 3 is assessed by examination and promotes your knowledge and understanding of media language, representation, media industries and audiences. TV will be studied in Section A; magazines in Section B and video games will be studied in Section C.

Unit 4: Creating a Cross-Media Production. This coursework unit (worth 24% of the total assessment) will involve individual investigative Research and Development of a Media Text. You will also produce an illustrated Reflective Analysis of this production piece.

At the end of the first year you will sit an internal examination containing a visual stimulus and questions of which you will answer three in 2 hours 30 minutes. You will also submit the coursework (worth 16% of the total assessment) as outlined in Unit 2 above.

Should you not wish to continue with the course in Year 2, you can opt to take an AS external exam, in a similar format to the internal examination above.

At the end of the second year there will be two examinations containing three sections with a wide choice of questions and three essays to complete on each paper.

Entry Requirements
Minimum 54444 including minimum Level 5 in English Language or Literature GCSE.