Sport Psychology

Atherton, G. (2023) ‘The psychology of climbing: mental skills for success’, PE Review, 18 (2), pp.10-13. George Atherton examines the mental challenges of climbing and the benefits it brings. This article supports your study of self-efficacy and confidence and stress management.

Shone, S. (2022) ‘Stress management techniques: ice sports and track and field’, PE Review, 18 (1), pp.18-19.
Bobsleigher and heptathlete Serita Shone explains stress management techniques.

Atherton, C. (2021) ‘The importance of a positive mental attitude’, PE Review, 16 (3), pp.2-4.
Carl Atherton looks at the effects of attitude in sport. This article links to your unit on Sport Psychology and supports your study of attitudes.

Ireland, J. (2021) ‘Setting goals in sport’, PE Review, 16 (3), pp.26-30.
John Ireland addresses the effectiveness of goal setting and explains the value of target formulation both in raising confidence and controlling anxiety. This article links to your units on Skill Acquisition and Sport Psychology and supports your study of goal setting.

Ireland, J. (2020) ‘The effects of an audience’, PE Review, 15 (3), pp.16-17.
Before dealing with theories specific to social facilitation and inhibition (see the article on pages 7-11 of this issue), it is important to consider how variations in player personality, skill level and nature of the tasks undertaken are affected by increased arousal stimulated by an audience. These anomalies require specific degrees of arousal intensity to allow athletes to achieve their highest potential performance.

Ireland, J. (2020) ‘Sport, spectators and social facilitation’, PE Review, 15 (3), pp.7-11.
John Ireland examines the effects of audiences on sports performance.

Ireland, J. (2020) ‘Strategies to minimise social inhibition’, PE Review, 15 (3), p.34.
John Ireland presents some strategies to complement the article on pages 7-11 and the poster on pages 16-17 of this issue.

Burrows, S. (2019) ‘A timeline of football bans’, PE Review, 14 (3), pp.28-29.
Symond Burrows outlines relatively recent incidents and bans that provide examples of aggressive acts occurring in the world of professional football.

Ireland, J. (2019) ‘Aggression in sport’, PE Review, 14 (3), pp.2-5.
John Ireland looks at aggression in sport, a topic that is relevant to all A-level exam specifications.

Ireland, J. (2019) ‘Theories of aggression’, PE Review, 14 (3), pp.24-27.
John Ireland examines the theories surrounding aggressive behaviour in sport.

McCall, D. and Philip, A. (2018) ‘Asha Philip and Davina McCall on motivation’, PE Review, 14 (1), pp.6-8.
Sport Relief presenter Davina McCall and Olympic athlete Asha Philip discuss the power of motivation.

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