Philosophy of Religion

philosophy of religion

Reid, G. (2017) ‘Modern views on the Design Argument’, RS Review, 13 (2), pp.18-21.
The Design Argument is one of the most popular topics in the philosophy of religion specifications. Gordon Reid reviews some modern contributions.

Vardy, P. and Vardy. C. (2013) God Matters. SCM Press. 212 VAR.

Tyler, S. K. (2011) ‘Miracles’, RS Review, 7 (2), pp.24-28.
The study of miracles is covered by all examination board specifications and ‘Philosophy of religion’ options at AS and A2. It is important that you understand what to consider when writing about the problems of defining miracles and arguments for and against their occurrence.

Tyler, S. K. (2011) ‘The nature of faith’, RS Review, 7 (3), pp.9-12.
Any understanding of the philosophy of religion needs to include an understanding of the role of faith, which underpins all claims about the existence and nature of God. Sarah K. Tyler unpacks some useful theories of faith.

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