“Photography has enabled me to see things differently. I can capture small features hidden in a piece of architecture or nature, for example, that others turn a blind-eye to. That one photograph will last forever and enable it to be remembered. Year 12 A Level Photography opened up so many different directions for me to pursue in the projects assigned, one of these being the ability to play with light and shadow to convey a variety of emotions and atmospheres. If I had the chance to do things differently I definitely would have incorporated more focus on photo-illustration in my work. It is a great way to unleash your creativity and experiment with your photographs and tell a story within them.”


The course requires first hand observations and drawing.

You should record your environment in any suitable form. This is a good source of practise to keep creative and actively looking and observing.

It can be shown in any format. It could be a series of loose studies or sketchbook pages or a photographic slide show on a memory stick. Any scale or media can be used.

Visit one or more exhibitions and collect reference material. If you are unable to see the exhibit first hand, try and visit virtual exhibitions and create a Powerpoint of reference material from it.

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