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Photography is a creative subject – a student of Photography will need to be willing to experiment with a range of media and approaches to image making.

Mrs Mottley,
Head of Art and Design Faculty: [email protected]

“Photography has enabled me to see things differently. I can capture small features hidden in a piece of architecture or nature, for example, that others turn a blind-eye to. That one photograph will last forever and enable it to be remembered. Year 12 A Level Photography opened up so many different directions for me to pursue in the projects assigned, one of these being the ability to play with light and shadow to convey a variety of emotions and atmospheres. If I had the chance to do things differently I definitely would have incorporated more focus on photo-illustration in my work. It is a great way to unleash your creativity and experiment with your photographs and tell a story within them.” (Kirsty)

The Course
Photography develops skills including problem solving, visual image analysis, evaluation and independent planning. This makes it an excellent subject when applying to university and people with an A Level in Photography have gone on to study a wide range of subjects including Photography, Animation, Media Studies, Education, Graphic Design, Fashion and Journalism.

It has been a very popular subject in the College for a number of years. The Design Studio used for the Photography course is superbly equipped with a suite of Apple Mac computers and industry standard editing software (including Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator and Lightroom).

We follow the Eduqas (part of WJEC) specification. This course gives you the opportunity to develop independent and personal projects alongside developing a firm skills base.


Year 1

In the first year you will explore the following areas of photography:

  • Aperture and shutter speed dependence
  • Camera settings
  • Digital editing using Photoshop CS6
  • Practical image manipulation (i.e. image transfer, weaving images, etc.)
  • Different photography genres (i.e. portraiture, documentary, etc.)
  • The work of photographers and artists, both historical and contemporary

Year 2

In the second year you will be given the opportunity to be more independent in your chosen theme and develop your own brief for your personal investigation.

You will be assessed on coursework as well as an externally set, controlled assignment completed under exam conditions. You will also be assessed on your personal investigation.

Entry Requirements
Minimum 64444 including 6 in GCSE Art, Graphics or Photography.