Physics Bridging Work

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“I am pleased I chose Physics because it has developed my attitude towards problem solving and developed my understanding of how everyday items function and the mathematical concepts behind them. I have enjoyed the many practical lessons in Physics which enables the visualisation of concepts such as sound waves, electricity and projectile motion. For example, to develop our understanding of projectile motion we conducted an experiment which involved trying to fire a nerf gun into a container by calculating the angle, height and distance needed, putting knowledge into practice. If I had the chance to do things differently, I would become more involved with the practical side of lessons and do more practice questions to apply the learnt knowledge – it’s one thing understanding the information but it’s another applying it in an exam question.” – Arran

“I am pleased that I chose Physics as I loved it in high school and knew I wanted to carry it on at A Level. Physics is all around us, so it’s useful to have knowledge on the subject. Since taking Physics it has changed my perspective on a lot of things in life and has helped me outside of the classroom many times. The practical lessons are incredible and there are loads of resources available for classroom research. I love being able to test the boundaries of my knowledge and the teachers are always keen to help guide us and answer any of our burning questions. If I were to start over again, one thing I’d tell myself is to keep asking questions. I was a bit worried that some of my queries might be irrelevant or inaccurate, however I know now that every uncertainty solved is a step in the right direction.” -David

“Physics, in my opinion, is one of the most interesting and engaging subjects. It covers a multitude of aspects from medical imagery and motion to cosmology and capacitors. In lessons, we do a combination of written work and practicals, where learnt theory is applied to real life examples and models, making it hard to lose interest in the discipline. The subject is difficult by nature, however this shouldn’t deter you if you are someone who is willing to grapple with challenging concepts and work to succeed in a very well respected A Level.” – Josh