Development in Practical Skills

Development of Practical Skills

Lovat, I. (2021) ‘Skillset: determining the wavelength of light’, Physics Review, 30 (3), pp.10-12.
Ian Lovat discusses using double-slit interference to determine the wavelength of light.

Catchatoor, H. and Robinson, N. (2020) ‘Exam talkback: questions set in a practical context’, Physics Review, 29 (4), pp.22-24.
Examination questions about experiments will not always be about ‘required practicals’, but they will test how well you can apply practical know-how and physics theory to a specific situation.

Jacobs, D. (2020) ‘A simple pendulum?’, Physics Review, 30 (1), pp.20-23.
Experiments with a simple pendulum feature in many physics courses. But the physics is really not that simple…

Lovat, I. (2020) ‘Skillset: standing waves on a string’, Physics Review, 30 (1), pp.24-26.
Ian Lovat investigates how the frequency of standing waves on a string varies with length, tension and mass per unit length of the string. The exam boards require or suggest a number of practical activities that will allow you to satisfy the Common Practical Assessment Criteria. Among other requirements, you are expected to be able to make accurate observations, to obtain accurate precise and sufficient data and record methodically using correct units and conventions, and to use ICT with appropriate software to process data. This practical gives an excellent opportunity to practise all these skills.

Lovat, I. (2020) ‘Skillset: the inverse square law for gamma radiation’, Physics Review, 29 (3), pp.29-31.
Ian Lovat discusses investigating the inverse square law for gamma radiation, in order to help you satisfy the Common Practical Assessment Criteria for A-level physics.

Lovat, I. (2019) ‘Skillset: investigating the internal resistance of a cell’, Physics Review, 29 (1), pp.6-8.
Describes some of the practical activities suggested or required by the A-level awarding bodies, and discusses how they enable you to satisfy the Common Practical Assessment Critera. This article discusses investigating the internal resistance of a cell.

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