Particles & Medical Physics

Particles & Medical Physics

(2021) ‘At a glance: high-energy colliders’, Physics Review, 30 (3), pp.16-17.
Location of the CERN tunnels, including the proposed FCC; the Standard Model of particle physics; magnetic steering; radiation losses; superconducting magnets; magnetic fields; LHC science goals; creating particles; the Higgs boson.

Holt, R. (2021) ‘Spallation neutron beams’, Physics Review, 30 (3), pp.2-5.
Neutron beams give scientists a unique tool for studying materials on an atomic scale.

Mosedale, K. (2021) ‘Splitting the nucleus’, Physics Review, 30 (3), pp.6-9.
The experiment that first ‘split the atom’ was the first experimental test of Einstein’s most famous equation.

(2020) ‘Diagmagnetism’, Physics Review, 29 (3), p.34.
Superconductors are strongly diamagnetic, meaning that they repel magnetic fields.

Tear, C. I2020) ‘Physics online: electromagnetism’, Physics Review, 29 (3), pp.32-33.
Carol tear looks at the timeline of discovers in electromagnetism and the physics behind them.

Herklots, L. (2019) ‘Exam talkback: forces on charged particles’, Physics Review, 29 (2), pp.24-26.
Questions involving forces, such as those affecting blocks sliding down slopes or sails on a boat, often involve resolving forces into perpendicular components. The same techniques can be applied to forces between charged particles.

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