“I found that there is a big difference between how you study for GCSEs and A Levels. I had no previous experience in the field of psychology and was nervous about it. However, my teachers have guided me through the course and helped spark my passion in the subject. Throughout the course I have enjoyed learning about the multitude of theories that provide us with reasons about why humans behave the way they do, and I am looking forward to learning new and exciting things in Year 13. If given the opportunity to start this course again I would find it easier to create deadlines, not only for my homework but for my revision. This would have given me extra confidence and reassurance before entering the exam hall.”


Watch this TED Talk and write about the causes for depression and anxiety. It should be no more than 500 words and brought in the first full week in Year 12 lessons.

There are some excellent podcasts which introduce you to a variety of psychological topics including mental health, creativity, ethics, motivation and forensic psychology. Listen to them here
There are also lots of very interesting books on themes such as mental illness, persuasion, habit, motivation and evil amongst others. See some suggestions here;
Finally, documentaries  on BBC iPlayer and Netflix regarding crime and mental health are both fascinating and educational and many link really well to the A level course. Keep an eye out for them!


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