Approaches in Psychology

Coolican, H. (2022) ‘How cognitive psychology challenged behaviourism’, Psychology Review, 28 (2), pp.24-27.
In the 1960s the cognitive approach took over from the behaviourist approach. Hugh Coolican looks at these two paradigms. This article supports your unit on Approaches in psychology.

Adams, M. (2021) ‘Life in Pavlov’s labs: a dog’s tale’, Psychology Review, 26 (4), pp.2-5.
Matthew Adams goes beyond what most people know about Pavlov’s classic research. Look out for the accompanying quiz in this article to check your understanding and the ‘Challenge Yourself’ activities to check and extend your understanding. This article links to your unit on Approaches in Psychology and looks at classical conditioning; uses of animals in research; and ethics.

Flanagan, C. (2020) ‘Wilhelm Wundt and the early history of psychology’, Psychology Review, 26 (2), pp.16-17.
A science of psychology is possible; experimental psychology and Volkerpsychologie; introspection; what did participants do?; what happened next?

Lawrence, A. (2018) ‘Exam focus: AQA approaches: can they all be right?’, Psychology Review, 24 (2), pp.30-31.
Looks at the various approaches in psychology and considers how to write about them effectively.

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