Forensic Psychology

Jansari, A. and Philippe, L. (2023) ‘Head injuries and criminal behaviour: my brain made me do it’, Psychology Review, 28 (4), pp.18-21.
Ashok Jansari and Lewis Philippe consider the possible role of childhood head injuries on criminal behaviour and reoffending. This article is followed by a Challenge Yourself section where you can complete activities to check and extend your understanding of this article.

Buxton-Cope, T. (2023) ‘Ways of dealing with offender behaviour’, Psychology Review, 28 (4), pp.16-17.
A revision guide to the definitons, processes and aims of custodial sentencing, behaviour modification in custody, anger management and restorative justice.

Irwin, S. (2022) ‘Restorative justice’, Psychology Review, 28 (1), pp.25-27.
Sophy Irwin shows us that there is more to restorative justive than you might imagine.

Treadwell, J. (2021) ‘Is prison rehabilitation possible?’, Psychology Review, 26 (3), pp.11-13.
James Treadwell describes escalating violence in UK prisons and why rehabilitation may not work.

Raine, A. (2019) ‘Crime brain scans and the future of justice: an interview with Adrian Raine’, Psychology Review, 24 (4), pp.11-13.
Adrian Raine is professor or criminology, psychology and psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. He is well known for his study on brain abnormalities in murderers. We asked him some questions about this research and other areas of interest to him.

Canter, D. (2016) ‘The truth about offender profiling’, Psychology Review, 22 (1), pp.2-5.
Crime psychology expert David Canter describes how the search for scientific offender profiling became investigative psychology.

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